The Dangerous Zone!

Do you ever feel the rush to do something new suddenly? Motivated to that extent so that you are unable to resist the compulsion of your involuntary muscles. The urge is really high when you find something good doing it. This often happens to me when I read some articles that are really motivative and … Continue reading The Dangerous Zone!


Auto Hot Key – One key for all

A key to automate tasks, simplify complex key combinations and many more -Auto Hot Key

Efficient User

Heard of Hot Keys? Ahh! They are the keys that are really hot 🙂 Just kidding, Hot Keys are the key combinations that are used to perform some specific operations quickly. Remember the legends? Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, Ctrl+X.

Does your job require these shortcuts often? Then you must be a programmer (Again Kidding!). It must be a pain to keep stretching your fingers often to use these hotkeys. I just came across an interesting open source scripting language known as Auto Hot Key. AHK is so cool that it provides a lot of cool stuff that you could do with your keyboard. Programs like Visual Studio offers shortcut keys with two or three combinations like Ctrl+K+F(Format text), Ctrl+C+U (Un-comment), etc.

Ouch! My fingers start hurting if I keep on using these shortcut keys right from the morning like Ctrl+X, Ctrl+V (Oh no!! Copied the wrong code)

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