The beautiful lies (a.k.a) Excuses

Oops! I’m sorry if the image on the top didn’t make any sense. It has been automatically cropped to fit some weird dimension. It actually says – “Excuses are well-planned lies”. That’s it 🙂 Now go on, Read the post fully!

One fine day, you wake up late. Reach the office right after an important meeting that was scheduled for you in the morning. Now your boss comes towards you with a face like that of the MGM lion. For those who have not seen it, I have attached an image below. It seems it has a name – Leo the Lion.


The first question thrown at you would be – “Hey you, Yes you, why are you late today?” Now your brain fires an instant response along with some extra bits which you had already prepared right when you woke up – “Actually sir, I woke up early in the morning, got ready, and came to the bus stop. The bus was just leaving. I ran after the bus but the driver didn’t notice. So I stood there exhausted. And then suddenly, an alien spaceship came from nowhere and abducted me, I shouted for help but I was not audible. The aliens then showed me the secrets of the Universe and lots of other stuff and finally dropped me in the office. They were friendly, I even introduced you to them. Told them that my boss was a very nice person. I’m sure they will take you also one day”. Now, your Boss would be like – “Oh Yeah! Those aliens who took you, they came to me after they dropped you at the office and then they asked me to give this letter to you”. Opening the letter you find this text in bold letters – YOUR’E FIRED. End of story.


Jokes apart, I just wanted to highlight that every time when you fail or when you commit a mistake, the instant reaction by the human brain would be to search for excuses. It starts a complex algorithm to find the best excuse for the current situation, considering all the factors like, the time of the day, climatic conditions, the color of the dress you wore, the lunch you had, etc etc. It’s not a bluff, I’ve seen people bringing in their mom, relatives, even their pet animals to give out lame excuses. “Ma’am I did my homework, but my dog/cat/rat/siblings ate it!”. This was an excuse that I have heard a lot often during my school/college days from my friends. After hearing that, I would be like “Oh that’s great! Your dog eats homework? What else does it eat? Assignments? Projects?. It must be a very intelligent dog then! ;)”.


Again, jokes apart. For every failure and mistake, there can be an excuse that could be beautifully crafted. That excuse can save you for the moment but remember, everytime you give excuses, you are cheating yourself. Those excuses were given out by you because you did not want to accept your mistake. You wanted to maintain your integrity, your brain makes you think that only you are right and the whole universe is wrong. Snap out of that thought, accept your mistakes, take responsibility. Only then you can become a leader, a better version of your own self.


Acknowledge your mistakes, let the world know that you made a mistake – No one is perfect! No one. There will be people who constantly speak of your failures. Plainly ignore them. They are afraid, they are afraid that you have accepted your mistake, they are afraid that you are going to rise up above them! Keep them as your motivation and try not to repeat the same mistake again. Keep improving yourself with each iteration. Life is all about improvising.


When you stop complaining, blaming other people and start taking responsibility, you will see a change in your life. You will be on the highway to success, where there is no lane for excuses. Share this if it was worth your time! Have a great day folks!


When you stop complaining, blaming other people and start taking responsibility, you will see a change in your life. You will be on the highway to success, where there is no lane for excuses.

One thought on “The beautiful lies (a.k.a) Excuses

  1. I am happy that I am not a perfect person and glad that there is a flaw in me. And yes I truly accept that I too made such excuses..

    Thanks… you made my day…Have a great extent in your life


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