The Dangerous Zone!

Do you ever feel the rush to do something new suddenly? Motivated to that extent so that you are unable to resist the compulsion of your involuntary muscles. The urge is really high when you find something good doing it. This often happens to me when I read some articles that are really motivative and it kind of kindles the flame within me. Not only articles, even speakers do. Back in my college days, they would organize many lectures every year, among which I would find 2 or 3 useful. Those speakers would literally put fire into my soul, opening my dumb mind that was closed, giving me new insight (A guy once told to concentrate on the seconds’ hand of a clock every day as soon as I wake-up, claiming that it improves concentration. It actually did work though, until I began to wake up late and had no time for this clock-concentration thing!).


You know what, all the fire they ignited stayed only for a week or so. It was extinguished by external factors like procrastination, un-ending TV-series, and some random stupid things I do every day, like using Facebook and tracking some useless post/person, playing Age of Empires, etc. I would try hard to ignite the spark that they gave me but would rather find myself going back to watch my life getting miserable day-by-day. 😦 Where did all the enthusiasm and the high spirits go? Disappeared? Vanished? Yes! They all were gone because I was bloating in a lavish luxury house of mine – The Comfort Illam (house/home).


Do you really know what happens if you come out of that luxury bungalow of yours named the ‘Comfort Illam’? No! You don’t! Do I know? No, I don’t, because I’m not inside yours, I’m in my own Comfort Illam. We all have our own comfort zones, but guess what? We more or less end up in a common harbor if we leave our comfort Illams – Success!, and that’s all I know for now!


Imagine, a dark and shady forest which gives shelter to wild animals. You can find all types of danger within this jungle. At the center of the jungle lies a beautiful house, a bungalow perhaps (don’t ask me how it came there the first place), painted and tainted white color. It is four-story high, fortified with concrete walls that cannot be breached. The house has all types of defense mechanisms against any type of intruder that tries to enter in, be it an animal, a thief, a zombie, a ghost, or whatever. It has a swimming pool on the terrace and all grocery supplies within and it and has centralized AC so you don’t have to worry about anything when you are inside the house. You have internet connectivity 24×7 (What else could you possibly need?). Now, imagine that this is your house and you alone stay there. You are very afraid to come out of the house because your ancestors had told you about the dangers that lie in wait for you as soon as you get out of the house, so you stay inside the house not having plans to leave it.


One day finally, you decide to leave the house and explore the world. You gather guts and leave the house, with all sorts of weapons like guns, grenades, etc You walk boldly wearing headphones playing your favorite music. You shoot anything that comes in your way, like a boss! Everything that stood in front of you is now dead behind you. As you walk, you now see something glittering and shining. You run towards it, as you move closer it becomes even more bright. You run closer and closer and now the whole view is visible. You stand in awe not knowing what to do! You are unable to describe your feeling. In front of you stands a great palace (100x times bigger than the house you stayed earlier), a golden one, you find your name inscribed on the top of the dome. And all people welcome you. You are given a royal welcome. You are confused now. Ministers, soldiers, and citizens they all hail you. After consuming the reality, you come to know you are the heir of the royal kingdom and all these people were waiting for its lost prince/princess, and now the kingdom belongs to you!


Snap out! That was just an imagination. How did it feel? Great right! If Imagination gives you goosebumps, just imagine how would it be when this happens in real life. Starting to feel the adrenaline rush yet? Yes! That’s the spirit! Come on! Demolish your comfort zone. Don’t give a damn about what people think. As I have mentioned in my previous post “People don’t really care what you do or did, they are busy with their own lives and their own problems!”. Walk out into the world, discover new boundaries, take weapons like courage, confidence, creativity, etc along with you. Face challenges and failures. And at last, one day, you will see yourself as a king/queen of a golden realm with a reign stretching across the oceans and seas and people hailing you!

Photo by Aloysius Lim

I do not know why I wrote this. I can’t resist my fingers and my mind. I feel like I have to keep writing. See you when you visit my kingdom! Until then, let me become busy building mine!

Signing out!


Image source: Few Google searches

“People don’t really care what you do or did, they are busy with their own lives and their own problems!”

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