What happens if you don’t use Facebook and Whatsapp for 20 days?

Nothing happens!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Seriously?? Yes, nothing happens. You’ll become a better version of yourself.

“1120 Messages from 23 Chats”. This is what my phone read when I visited Whatsapp after taking a break for 20 days. I wasn’t surprised at all, I knew all those conversations would be pointless and I had no part to play in it as most of them were from groups and from my sisters ๐Ÿ™‚ Then I logged into Facebook, I’m not quite active in it. It has become almost a year since I posted a photo. I got 51 notifications and you know, most of them were just tags from my friends and they were all hilarious. So totally, these 20 days nothing that was of importance took place.

Social break samuel lawrentz

This is what I got after 20 days.

See?? Leaving Facebook and Whatsapp doesn’t stop the rotation and revolution of the Earth nor does it make the sun to rise in the west. Nobody cares what you ate yesterday night or how many filters you add to your photo or whether you went shopping last night and bought a pair of torn jeans (I heard they were trending!). People are caught up in their own works and problems. They don’t have time to think about you or your jeans.

1 like 1 share

When you post a photo, people thumb’s it up (y) because earlier that day/week you would have thumbs-upped their pic. It is just a matter of trade (likes and shares trading). You know and all those “1 like = 1 Rs = 1 prayer = 1 Amen” stuff ain’t gonna work, you are merely wasting your precious time scrolling the newsfeed that is 5km long. No! I don’t think there is an end to it. You are stuffed with random posts from random peopleย who in no way relate to you but still, you keep on scrolling. Instead, subscribe to a good blog like this one (Just kidding!! ๐Ÿ™‚ ) read their posts, read about your interests, create a new habit, hone your skills rather than looking at the newsfeed and wondering.

million friends samuel lawrentz

I read it somewhere, not sure of the source “Having a million friends in FB isn’t great, having a few who would stand by you when you fall/rise is great”. Make a lot of friends, not on Facebook, but in real life. Everything is becoming digital, money, transactions, books, exams, Yes! and then we have our Digital India, don’t let your friendship become digital as well.

During the break, I read a lot, wrote a lot, talked with my family and friends a lot. On the other hand, I grew a passion for writing. I have lot other passions as well, singing, music, coding and now writing is added to that list. I wrote answers in Quora, wrote few blogs, read about new technologies, tried them. All this has helped me boost my knowledge.

Success samuel Lawrentz

I know 20 days isn’t a long break but it was a kind of achievement for me. You should also give it a try. Take a break from social media and explore yourselves, your interests, and your dreams. Gather knowledge, upgrade your skills, aim higher. “Many people dream of success but only a few wake up and strive towards it”. Don’t be in the group of those ‘Many people’, rather find yourselves among the ‘few’ย who are persistent and strive towards their goal continuously. Work hard towards your dream and see it turned into reality. All the best!!

Image source: Google and my phone gallery ๐Ÿ™‚

Yay!! You scrolled till the end. Thank you for your patience! For more posts like this follow this blog.

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