Chain reactions in life

Heard about chain reaction? Yes, it is chemistry stuff where a reaction triggers another reaction. Now consider this chain reaction in your life – Suppose you wake up in the morning, do all your chores and get ready to leave for your work, you try to find your bike keys and they go missing. You begin the hunt for the keys and finally, you find it after turning your place upside down. Now you go to your bike, keep things in place and you press the ignition the bike starts with a roar and now you try to move your bike. You feel like some kind of evil force is pulling you back, you bend down to see that the wheel is flat. So, you decide to give up your routine bike travel and opt for a taxi. You open UBER and try to book a cab, it displays unable to determine your location (as if you are in another galaxy), now you are getting a bit exasperated. You walk to the roads hoping to cling on to a public transport, exactly a speedster splashes the muddy rainwater onto your garment (Whoa! that’s a nice design though). Feeling the chain of reactions yet?

Now you begin to realize that something is stopping you from going to work. So the best way to stay safe is to go back home and take rest without taking any more effort that becomes vain. As Murphy’s law states “Anything that can go wrong will surely go wrong!”  So if anything goes wrong in the beginning, do not waste time to find a workaround solution for it. Instead, leave it as it is and move forward, things will automatically become right. This is just a simple piece of thought in my thought-process which I thought would be useful (I think I must improve my vocabulary, I used the word ‘thought’ thrice in the previous sentence. Haha! Kidding :))
Have a great day! 

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